Sound mind is a technique to get relaxation by rhythms of
different echos on mobile. It is an android app free available
in android world to access and get full calm and relaxation
by such musical effects. Sound mind stimulates your brain by sending special auditory artifacts directly into your psychotic
sensation to produce subtle changes in behavior though entrapment of brainwaves frequency.
There are many audio tracks for treatment of mind to make it pleasant and relax as per say yoga concept. Sound mind includes the following brain wave frequency patterns as inserted in this app. Each audio track is over 5 minutes in length and backed by a pleasant pink noise static on each audio channel. The difference in pulse is provided at the following frequencies by Hz to match brain wave.

FEATURES:- > free available in market
> easily accessible
> supported version 1.6 and above
> good sound effects

DISCLAIMER:- I glad to access this app on my android phone wow really it is fabulous what an app it is! Hurry up
and get the full relaxation of mind.

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