Space Defense



The player has the ability to freely move horizontally and vertically but can not increase the speed of the screen's auto-scrolling feature. Powerups can be picked up while going through the levels and the player can use them when the regular projectiles are of little effect against the enemy.

As each level is played, various enemy ships confront the player, some of them following strict paths, others following the ship itself and others shooting it. On the first game there are eight levels, set on different planets and underground areas, with a boss at the end of each level.

After losing all lives, the player is awarded a score and depending on how many enemies killed, how many powerups picked and how many levels the player passed, that score can be placed on the Top Scores page in the game's menu.

It is made as similar to original game as I could.

- original graphics
- original controls
- 8 original levels
- original sounds

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