Space Sweeper


Space Sweeper's review

by Peter Warrior

Clean the exosphere in your garbage starship

  • Original premise
  • Obstrusive ads
  • Awkward playability

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"Garbage goes!"

Space Sweeper lets you ride a garbage starship with a front shield in order to throw all orbital debris to a dumping site. You have to push all the items into a sort of goal without crashing into any wall or against that same garbage. That ship is controlled by a mix of tilting controls and an on-screen joystick, but in practice is quite uncontrollable and what it could be challenging becomes disheartening and annoying, as even the first level can result too difficult.

It's a space game and that's reflected by a kind of frictionless movement, but there aren't many laws of physics involved at all. It's an original game, but it's hard to get hooked on it unless you are hopeless case of freaky hardcore gamer.

Ads are shown at the upper right of the screen, and can interfere in the game is garbage ends there.

Tags: earth from space , junk sweeper , earth in space , what is space sweepers

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jul 25, 2013

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