Space Typing Defense


Space Typing Defense's review

by Peter Warrior

A typewriting defense game

  • Original concept
  • It should integrate other keyboards
  • More ships, enemies and "ammo" would be great

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"i aitch-a-tee-e wy-o-u, aliens!"

In this game you have to defend your homeworld from an alien invasion, but instead of blasting them off with proton weapons and lasers and anti-matter bombs, you have to actually type words. With your keyboard. On your device.

This may not seem the most enthralling approach in the world, but at least is something original and seldom seen. Every time you'll see three words around your ship. If you type the upper or lower one, you'll move that way. If you type that found in front of you, you'll shoot. Although the game is quite clumsy and pace is slow, we miss some power-ups to support your usual keyboard (forget slide-to-write or any other input way other than a tap for a key), different enemies and something lookalike a difficulty curve.

This game allows to upload your highscore to Skillers network and can be downloaded for free. Ads are shown at the bottom of the screen, out of the playing zone.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jul 25, 2013

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