Speeding Touch The Number



(English used the translation software. )
* It came to be able to display it in the same ratio regardless of the resolution such as "GalaxyTab".

The difficulty is high differing from externals.
However, the way to play is easy.
It touches sequentially from 1 to 41, and time competes.

Please compete by oneself, the companion in the office, the friend, the family, and everybody.
As for the ranking, even 15th place is recorded, and preserved.

As for this game, the number is filled in on the figure of various sizes.
And, the pushed number never disappears.
Therefore, the thing with a high difficulty is a feature to the last minute. :-)

Accuracy of memory, judgment, and touch ‥ etc.
The brain will be able to be trained easily anytime and anywhere.

Tested devices : Samsung Galaxy S, Sharp 005SH

I want to achieve the network ranking in the near future.

[ manual ]
- Menu button
Loudness control of BGM and sound effect. The volume can be adjusted also with the volume button of the main body.
It is possible to use the vibration or to select it.
Deletion of ranking data

- Returning button
It returns to the title screen by the thing pushed while playing a game.
It saves data by the thing pushed on the title screen and it ends.

[ attention ]
Eyes might be tired when continuously playing. Please take a moderate rest.

It is and look, please the other.

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