Spelling Hero Game



Take on 10 super villains in a spell contest to the finish!

Spelling Heroes Game - gamifies the process of learning to spell.
This game acts as a workbook for Spelling Hero - the most complete spelling list to practice for school bees, regional bees, and for anyone aspiring to the highest ranks of the National Spelling Bee.

If you are skeptical about studying with anything other than the dictionary, we recommend that you use our Spelling Hero Game to start improving your word bank for the 2012 National Spelling Bee!

The Spelling Hero Game app provides definitions and their correct pronunciation. Word pronunciations using our recorded audio files, which are embedded in our app deliver the words the way they should sound, so you do not have to rely on the dictionary or search each word on the internet.

With Spelling Hero Game, a solid word foundation is at your fingertips.

Our word lists are constantly updated and are comprehensive and suitable for most spelling bees - including National Spelling Bee, North South Foundation Spelling Competition, UIL Spelling Competition, various school bees, county bees, regional bees, state bees, and hometown spelling competitions.

The Spelling Hero word list includes challenging words from Paideia, the Consolidated Word List (CWL), and regional and national bees since the 1970s while the bulk of the more difficult words include Scripps' Consolidated Word List (CWL) with all the words including their pronunciations, definitions, and etymology!

1. Over 1,000 words sorted by difficulty level.
2. Pronunciations and definitions.
3. Global High Scores.

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