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Squashies World is a kids-friendly physics-based puzzle game

  • Cute graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Sound effects
  • Original gameplay
  • Childish
  • No online leaderboards

"Squashies' struggle"

The Squashies are desperate to return to the world where they live. Players must work out how to save them by clearing the level squashing together characters of the same kind.

Matching Squashies up is as easy as launching one Squashie towards another of the same kind. Touch a Squashie, stretch it and let it go. One it touches the other Squashes, the will be one. Clear this way the level.

It seems easy, but complexity increases after the first levels. More structures, obstacles and handicaps will be added. Rack your brains to decide your move before performing it, otherwise you won't get the maximum score in each level (three stars scoring system). Do it fast though: time matters.

This full version has 80 exciting levels and 4 different zones. Hand-drawn graphics are simple yet cute, bit childish though, as well as the whole scenery of the game.

Highly recommendable, specially for kids.

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