Also available for iPhone & iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook

Get ready to have fun with this fast paced colorful tapping game.

Watch the screen border and hit the squares of that same color, which will change every level.

Do it fast, as the time will tick faster and faster and more squares will keep popping every round!

Simple and easy to play even for kids and older people, but fun and addictive for everyone.

Some rules and tips:
- If you click a square of the wrong color, you lose.
- If time is over, you lose (watch the timer on the top right corner).
- You get bonus points for time left over at the end of each level.
- The further the level is, the more points you earn.
- Hit the glowing squares (of the right color) to get triple points.
- Beware of the moving squares, you'll get more of them the deeper you get in the game.

Idea, coding & design by Frederico Felicidade: http://freddiness.com
Sound fx from http://www.freesfx.co.uk

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