Star Defender 4 (Free)


Star Defender 4 (Free)'s review

by Peter Warrior

A version of Space Invaders

  • Good facelift of a classic
  • Several UI issues
  • Annoying ads
  • Occasional forceclosing

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"Back to the arcades"

The old arcades bequeathed a fertile ground for any kind of imaginable video game, but from time to time someone believes it's the precise moment to dig off some of the old relics and wash their face. This is one of those cases. Star Defender 4 is the new Space Invaders in town. Mind you, there are different kinds of enemies and power-ups and even boss battles, but in the end is all about moving left and rightwards and throw a bomb when things get real.

Unfortunately, what it should be a yet another casual game turns a little bit annoying because of user interface issues that make difficult to read texts; misplaced and recurrent ads and even some occasional force closing for no apparent reason.

At the end of the day, it's a game enjoyable for old school gamers who want to see how an old classic can be revamped, as long as we omit the aforementioned flaws.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jun 26, 2013

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