Stupid Zombie Dolls



The human is not easy to stop the zombie army siege, not enough time to gasp for breath.
Zombie children, zombie baby launched a violent attack. Zombie baby looks cute,
but in order to survive, we have no choice, only to take up arms to destroy them.
Defend your home from an unrelenting invasion of zombie dolls using spud guns,
Fun tension to play a zombie game,but this is entirely shooting
There are many dolls zombie attacks, some fast, some slow,
close to their homes in different orientations to
You only need to move up and down in the front of the house toward zombies fire eradication zombie,
Note kick down the zombies to click coins to get used to cross the border to buy more advanced weapons.
BB guns,
sticks and boomerangs!
Can you hold off the invasion and save your home?
Instructions: Stop the zombie dolls reaching your house!

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