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It repeats what you say and reacts to your actions

  • It can be entertaining for kids
  • Funny at first
  • There are many similar apps
  • Poor graphics

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"It talks!"


The Talking series is a group of highly interactive applications for kids featuring talking animals who want you to play with them and have fun together. Each different app introduces a new animal who loves interacting with children and reacting to your touch. Will you make them happy? Let's find out.


The game is obviously perfect for kids and provides several features that'll make them have a great time. From the weird funny voices to the interactive elements, it's just everything they love.


Although it showed some promise, it fails to deliver: the graphics aren't lightweight and there are way too many ads for an app addressed at children. If the graphics looked more professional and if there weren't ads, this would be much more enjoyable for everyone.

Original review from February 08, 2012:

Talking Puppy is a funny app where a puppy talks and reacts to your actions when you touch him or his belongings. It's easy to use, you just need to tap on whatever part of his body you want and he'll react by making noises or moving. You can throw the frisbee to him and look while he dances. In addition, if you talk he'll repeat the last sentence you said, so this should be entertaining for kids.

Besides that, it's a completely useless app for adults, since it's just a dog doing silly things and repeating the same actions over and over again.

Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets is the developer of this app, which is is only recommended for kids and babies, otherwise it gets boring and unfunny.

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