TAMAGO(surprise egg)



Thank you for choosing our game!
We worked hard to develop the best Tamago on the market.
want to know what's inside this incredible egg?
usually, a lot of TAMAGO apps are need to be knock in order to break the eggs, but the only move you need to break the Suprise TAMAGO app's egg is just shaking.

Then, You must just knock on the TAMAGO(egg).
That's all!
At first time breaking eggs will be hard for you, but as long as you put some effort on it. your eggs will be finally broken.
Force presumably eggs as efforts are broken.
However, You will get totally hooked on it.

if the eggs are finally broken, Please send us a mail.
then, you will get some Prize for it if you have a chance.

We are not responsible,
even if you have became if tendonitis....just joking.


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