Tear sexy girl's clothes



Removal of beautiful clothes. Warning 18+, content is adult.

Using your fingers tear wear normal dress of the beautiful model, and then her clothes will show!

This games is now tearing clothes beauty in most of the game, let you tear!

Tear beautiful clothes, also known as "false summaries", "false number" this is Japan men's magazine "King" series of topics, magazines find different Idol or model, to real life in the background, one wearing normal clothes, wearing only underwear, and then photos of photo synthesis.

Due to the popularity, photos eventually assembled a book, with "paranoid" and "number of shadow" synthetic "false number" issued in the name of a book, in Japan when the first selling 15,000 copies sold out in the extreme, urgent printing requirements three times in order to meet the demand.

To meet the demand for male, "false summaries" into Android applications, the "false number" becomes more real. Opening programs, when you select a beautiful, beautiful body as long as you touch it, you tore her clothes started, as if you torn magazines. Want to express the idea of original works, a more realistic renders on a mobile phone.

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