Technophone Free



This is the free version of the application, so it includes a donate button. If you do not want this, consider purchasing the paid version.

“Technophone” is a modernized version of the classic kid game “chinese whisper, aka “telephone”- where a group of kids arrange themselves so that a message has to be relayed through all in the group. The objective of the game was to see how well the last version of the relayed message matched the original message. This game was also known as “operator,” “grapevine,” “broken telephone,” “whisper down the alley,” “gossip,” “secret message,” “the messenger game,” and “pass the message.”

In this game, the user is responsible for successfully communicating a specific color code via relaying it through a line of people. Scoring is based of the accuracy of the original color code defined by the first user in line to the color code that was transcribed by the last user in line at the end of the game.


-Online and Offline Modes Available
-Detailed Help
-Online Mode Server Statuses Displayed in Realtime