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Who doesn't want to learn the capitals of countries around the globe, US state capitals, or associate flags with their respective countries? With an interesting learning experience, as well as fun play, you will impress your friends and colleagues by your talent. In the full version, unlock the bonus levels and take a series of quiz on (CountryCapitals, US State Capitals, and Flags) to register your name (or email) online. Also, take the "Name all 50 states of the continental United States quiz". More states of other countries will be added later. Feel free to send comments, suggestions and feedback at pkrl2002@gmail.com

Country Capital (more than 200 countries)
US State Capitals (50 states)
Flags (more than 200 countries) (This version only has about 10 flags)
Bonus Levels: (* in the full version)
> CountryCapitals series
> US States series
> Flags series
> (Extra bonus) Name all 50 US states

Note: If you find any errata in the capitals or flag data, please let me know and I will try my best to correct them. Data references have been made from Wikipedia (http://wikipedia.org/ and About.com (http://geography.about.com/).

If any concern about the application, let me know at pkrl2002@gmail.com

Fun learning about the world\US geography with enjoyable gaming experience!

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