The skewer of Takumi



They are delicious foods grilled on skewers quickly and

◇◆Application explanation ◆◇
I will stab targeting meat and the Welsh onion which move!
You have to become a general of a foods-grilled-on-skewers
store, and have to make yakitori delicious for the visitor
who made the belly empty.
He will make foods grilled on skewers earnestly until
stabbing goes wrong!

I will touch with sufficient timing targeting meat and the
Welsh onion which flow from the back, and will make Negima

The comment which appears at the time of completion turns
into a comment whose skewer should be just close to the
center of each foods.
The speed which flows the more the more it makes foods
grilled on skewers increases.
It is GameOver when it fails even once.

◇ ◆ Exhilarating series ◆ ◇
Feel free to play with the concept to anyone, that there is
in it comfortably
I was developed.
Since the release of the 3 app for the first time, we will
release a new product every week.
Please enjoy!

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