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"Keep your child entertained with bouncy colored shapes"

  • Great and original idea
  • Graphics and sounds that keep the kids open-mouthed
  • Phone lock while the app is running
  • Educational
  • Just for an specific use and reduced target

Toddler Lock is an app thought entertaining kids that shows colorful graphics and shooting sounds

This is the $1 Donate Toddler Lock that will help the developer to improve the app and to offer extra features.

Toddle Lock helps parent in a double-way. First, it helps them to teach their kids shapes and colors set in a black background while surprising sounds are playing. What's more, it keeps the kids entertained in a healthy way when children insist on playing with daddy's phone. This way they won't either make calls nor enable any other feature of the phone: the bouncy colorful shapes will move around and will keep the device locked, and the kids open-mouthed. It works on airplane mode too, that way you won't irradiate your baby.

Toddler Lock has been developed by Marco Nelissen, an individual developer who has just launched this app and its donate versions with remarkably success.

Toddler Lock is a simple but great idea that makes life easier for busy parents. At least it helps to solve one little problem that raises sometimes in parent's daily routine. Recommendable for such specific target.

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Jun 14, 2011

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