Toilet Paper




    Toilet Paper toiletpaper

    Simulates a piece of toilet paper (aka bog paper)

    Take your phone, drag it from the bottom up - you probably know where you have to do it - and... voila, you wiped and cleaned your ass, your bum, your butt, your rear, your behind, your lower backside, your bum - however you may call it :)

    Push NEW PAPER to get a new piece of toilet paper and you may go on 'cleaning'.

    Another advise: this virtual toilet paper makes use of acceleration and distance sensors - so maybe it won't work on your phone (only tested devices at the moment are HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S3 / SIII)

    Remarks: This virtual piece of toilet paper won't actually clean anything in the real world (at last it's virtual). You probably could use your phone but I wouldn't advise you to exhibit your phone to real... erm.... shit or any other kind of crap.

    Futhermore: please note, that no real poo got harmed for the production of this epic piece of software. Just a few crumbs of chocolate had to stand in.

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