Tongue2 Chameleon



Bug fixed: tap control problem in high resolution display.

This is a fun game for your free time now available on Android Market!!

A hungry Chameleon came to the forest in search of food. There are many delicious-looking bugs in front of him. Is he able to eat full of bugs?

◆ Features
1. 60 stages for fun to play.
2. Play as a Chameleon and catch a bug by extended his tongue.
3. Watch out for venom insects that give deduction of points.
4. If a hungry spider comes, try to catch and eat them all. Hurry up!
5. If you want to get a high score, catch special bugs accurately!

◆ How to play
1. Tap where you want to move Chameleon within the area of his height.
2. When you flip a finger in the direction where the insect is from a Chameleon, he catches and eats a bug by extended his tongue.
3. If Chameleon eats a venom insect, 100 score will be deducted.
4. When you tap "LEVEL SELECT" button on menu screen, you can select a favorite stage for play.

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