Top Gun



Top Gun - Click The Gun to Shoot....
Top Gun will shoot anything and everyone on your way to make your day a fun day !!

Available Options:
- Shoot on click

Suggest Whipping Usage of The Top Gun App:
- $hoot to motivate someone !
- $hoot if your dog refuse to listen to you
- $hoot your roommate if he still didn't do the dishes
- $hoot when you need to show your lady who is the boss
- $hoot when your children refuse to clean their room
- $hoot your children refuse to go sleep in time
- $hoot when your dog made a mess
- $hoot to establish your domination
- $hoot to prank someone
- $hoot if you need a joke and laugh
- $hoot if you think you are a lion trainer
- $hoot when your date refuse to change ugly shoes
- $hoot when your girlfriend changing too long
Rate Us if you like the App... We will put more gun sounds in future... Happy Shooting :D ... Only shoot using this App not with an Actual Gun... You May End Up in Prison :D

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