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Toss it! is a puzzle game based on paper tossing: you have to dunk objects in a bin to score

  • Good graphics and interface
  • Different game modes
  • Online scoreboard
  • Online game mode
  • Lag in some devices

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"Don't waste more paper to have some fun Toss it from your Android!"

Toss it! is one of those games easy to learn but difficult to get the hang of it. Its gameplay has no secret: take a piece of paper, make a ball with it and throw it to the nearest bin. If you put it in, you will get some points and it will count your streak. You can share your score on online scoreboards. What makes dunking more complicate is that in all levels are a sort of wind, coming from a fan or sea breeze. The intensity of the wind changes as well as the distance you have to throw from. So, calculate the strenght, hold for the angle and let the laws of Physics do their duties. Perfect for wasting some time while waiting.

There are other similar games to Toss it. However, we would say that Toss it! is one of the best due to its different game modes (timed mode, moving bind mode, changing distance...) and its online-oriented features. Regarding this last, you can create a profile, share your score in the different game modes and play online against your friends or random users. That turns a simple game into a really challenging and complete one. What's more, it has to be said that you can also throw phones instead of a paper ball (actually you can throw the smartphone with the bitten apple in the back). is the developer of Toss it. It also has launched Paper Jet, Link it Pro and a great amount of Android apps.

Toss it is one of those game that everyone should give a try. Simplicity and online-oriented features. It's worth 100%.

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