T.O.V - Slot Machine



Traders of the Void was a legendary social game no-one heard of. But this did not crush Tabloiti team.
Now we bring back Traders of the Void in the form of slot machines.

This is the first version release of the T.O.V. Slot. Simple, yet addictive slot machine fun.
Instead of money T.O.V. Slot currency is oil. Sweet, sweet oil. Not suitable for drinking.

Level up bonus
Item Shop
Ranking list
Button to spin the slot!
Button to raise the bet!
1000/units of oil!


if you run out of oil you'll get a boost of 500 units after 12 hours.

Go nuts, spin some slots.

Wins or any game items can NOT be change back to real money THIS IS JUST A GAME. Have a FUN!
All purchased items are device-specific.

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