Tree Planet 2



Decoration Items are available in "My Forest"!!
Added New Mini Game, and more mini games are coming soon!

Raise your tree in the game, send it to the real forest!

App is free, forest cost money.

And here we have a smart way to make money from the game.
When users grow their tree, water bottle and fertilizer item is necessary item to feed. We provide this items to sponsoring companies to promote their advertisement, and companies pay for the marketing budget. Every forests are managed by our reliable NGO partners.

For last four years, Tree Planet have built more than 75 forests in 10 different countries, and planted 500,000 real trees. These forests took important role in each area, by protecting grass land from desertification, improving urban environment, or helping village people in developing countries.
Collaborating with World Vision, UNCCD, and reliable NGO partners, we will deliver your trees any place where it's needed.

Join now, to make green the most visible color on Earth!

-Plant for All-

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