Truth or Dare Pro

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    Welcome to the premium version of the original Truth or Dare game on Android! With over a thousand truths and dares - ranging from clean, dirty, to super dirty - and the ability to create your own dares, you can play for hours and hours with your friends or significant other and never get bored! Perfect truth or dare app for teens and adults.

    ★ Top 100 for over 4 years with 10 million+ downloads! ★

    Hot Features:
    ✔ Hundreds of truths & dares
    ✔ Add your own clean or dirty dares!
    ✔ Take pictures and share with friends
    ✔ Game can automatically speak dares using advanced text-to-speech
    ✔ Fully customizable
    ✔ Play clean dares with friends
    ✔ Or Make It Dirty (and sexy) with that special someone!
    ✔ NO ADS!

    There are so many ways you can play this classic, party game!
    ★ Having a sleepover, slumber party or a birthday party? Make it super fun with Truth or Dare!
    ★ Playing Spin the Bottle; Have you Ever, or other drinking games? Add Truth or Dare to the mix for an amazing party!
    ★ Want to play Truth or Dare Dirty, or Sexy Truth or Dare, aka Adult Truth or Dare? This is the ★original★ dirty truth or dare game. Get sexy with Truth or Dare!
    ★ Prefer to keep it classy and have clean, family friendly fun? Turn off the dirty dares and you’re good to go!
    ★ Looking for the ultimate drinking party app? Play this game and tell us how your party goes.
    ★ Hanging out with your friends and getting bored? Open up Truth or Dare for an instant adventure and make your friends do some embarrassing dares!
    ★ Perfect for holidays like Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day

    Become the life of the party with Truth or Dare!

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