Twins Link ( Kyodai Game )



Free version:

Twins Link is a puzzle game challenges your perspicacity and agility! Pair up 2 same cards which can be connected by a line folded no more than 2 times. Clear all table to reach next level. The faster you are, the higher your score you have!

How to play:
- Choose the pair of tile with same pattern and tap them to eliminate.
- Check the rule on the help page in the game

- 4 Game modes: Puzzle, Classic, Time, Relax
- Nice graphic
- Lot of levels
- 3 themes: animal, food and fruit

Other popular names: Link Link, pikachu, Kyodai, Kyodai Mahjongg, pikachu game, pikachu kawai, solitaire Mahjong, Shanghai solitaire

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