UFO de Coins



New game of coin has been released.
Let's escape from universe this time.
Aboard the UFO that was borrowed from aliens, let's return to Earth while taking the coin.

The man is continuing taking coin, wandering about an unknown planet.
The man considered suddenly in such days at a certain time.
"...I got hungry."
Surprisingly, the man is eating nothing, after this series starts.
The man's favorite foods are ramen noodles.
But, in this universe, it is not likely to be eaten at all.
When thought so, the man borrowed UFO from the alien who was close, and got in.
In order to eat ramen noodles, and in order to get the further coin, the man aimed at the earth.

[How to play]
Let's operate UFO with a right-and-left button and a suction button, and take coin!
Coin will be able to be gained by inhaling with a suction button!
But since a damage will be obtained if an enemy is inhaled, cautions are required!
By inhaling and discharging, the bomb can attack an enemy!
Let's fly aiming at the earth, taking much coin.

[About the coin shop]
You can shop at coin shops by collecting coins.
Let's accumulate coins steadily useful items so are available.

If the coin of the magic which shines is taken, it will go into a super coin time.

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