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UP_Lazy Raiders's review

by Peter Warrior

A puzzle game about gravity and traps

  • Smart gaming
  • Great graphics
  • Free
  • It needs more controlling options

"That ark is really lost"

The basic concept behind Lazy raiders brings us back to those old wooden mazes you had to tilt to get a marble to the goal. Here the marble is a fat and lazy archaeologist looking for lost treasures, and we have to move all the world around him so he falls wherever we want to. Traps and dead-ends will add some thrilling to the action.

Game's played by dragging your finger (no, surprisingly no option to play by tilting) and double tapping to flip the world upside down, which is necessary to avoid some traps or open some doors. There are eighty levels, divided into different worlds (Aztec ruins, the Arctic...).

Lazy raiders is a smart game, able to entertain you for days and weeks, and a great example of how smart gaming should be.

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by Peter , Appszoom

May 14, 2013

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