Water Bubble Ring Toss



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Water Bubble Ring Toss is ring toss fun in 3D for all ages.

- Vintage skill game classics -

By pushing the bubble shoot button, you shoot or pump bubbles into the water. Let the six golden rings dance and try to get them on the two blue sticks.
You can influence the movement of the rings slightly by tilting your device to the left or right.
The position of the bubble shooter pump moves also to the left or right by tilting your device.
Water bubble ring toss is just a funny game for all ages. It can be played by everyone. It is suitable for kids and people of any age.
Restart the game whenever you like. You don't get any points or whatever.
Water bubble ring toss is a real 3D game that simulates a kind of physics. The physics simulation calculation might slow down a little bit, if your device is busy or if it has a weak cpu.

Cheers and have fun while playing Water Bubble Ring Toss.


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