What Differences?



Use a magnifying glass to spot the differences in two images. There are five differences in each photo. Keep your mind sharp while having fun by finding differences.

Hundreds of paired images to compare!
Shuffle mode and ability to skip images.
Time limit can be turned off in the settings menu.
Remove advertisements for a small fee.

Tap the difference on either image to guess.
Touch and hold or drag on the lower image to use the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass will glow when a difference is discovered. Once the difference is found, tap that spot. Size, zoom and glow are adjustable in the menu.

- Hide status bar (full screen)
- Turn off the timer for infinite time
- Small fee to remove advertisements

Icons do not appear in the magnifying glass. Use the magnifying glass for a better view where the hint and next icons are.

Optimized for normal to extra large, high density screens. What Differences will look good on your tablet and your phone.

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