Wheel Games



Wheel Games
The most spinning wheel games you will find anywhere. If the wheel you want is not here, just tell lus about it and we will try to add them as quickly as we can.

Three modes of operation. You can now spin the pointer, the wheel, or both.

Simple Games
Just pick a game, spin the wheel and have fun.

More Complex Games
For Games that such as spin the bottle or party games, do two spins per person. On the first spin, read the wheel which will tell you what to do. Then spin the wheel a second time. Whoever the arrow points to has to do what was revealed on the previous spin. Anothe fun thing is to spin the phone and the arrow. Simply try anything you can thank of and have fun.

You can select from several different games, different pointers, and three different modes of operation.

These are a few of the games in this app ...
... Decision Maker
... Number wheels
... Dollar wheels
... Prize wheels
... Roulette
... Party games
And more being added all the time

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