Who pays the beer?



Easy, fun an quick dicegame... not only for beerdrinkers! Dicegame for the Pub, the mansnight or the party..

Shake the mobilephone to roll the dice, use the two scores to flip the open cards.
There are two possibilities:
1. Flip a card with the score of dice 1 and flip a card with the score of dice 2.
2. Flip a card with the added score of both dice.
If all cards are flipped over you are finished. Hand over the moblilephone to the next player.
If you can´t flip any more cards, you have to surrender, and hand over the mobilephone to the next player.
The new player starts with fresh cards.
The player with the lowest score loses the game and pays the next round of beers!!!
The game can be played without beer, but is less fun!

The game is for 1 to 5 players.
Little trick: Try to flip card 5 and 6 as late as possible!

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