Zombie Blitz



Zombie Blitz is a casual tower-defense game. The deadly G-virus has spread and more humans have turned into zombies. The remaining humans have taken refuge and are hiding from the zombies. But the zombies are on the march and prepared to overrun the last of humankind, who’s only defense against the zombies is an army of zombie-hating plants who want to kick some serious zombie butt. Zombie Blitz features 3 modes of play loaded with a bundle of cute, colorful, and fast-paced levels.
Features 2 modes of play with 3 different game scenes and 12 fast-paced playable game levels for each mode of play
Build a defense with 7 categories of zombie-hating plants and produce, such as pumpkin head, rocket-propelled corn, thorny cactus, and more
Protect humanity from 5 categories of incredibly-stupid yet persistent zombies

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