Zoo Kids



If you know anyone who loves animals, you should look no further, because this is the perfect app for them! After a good launch in Denmark, Zoo kids just went live in english! Zoo Kids is an application focused for the younger crowd. It gathers no less than 15 different animals, with information about each animal, that is read out loud by a professional. This application encourages the play while learning concept, so if you want to have fun while learning, this is the app for you!

Why get Zoo Kids compared to many other applications with animals? Zoo Kids have through thorough testing come to the conclusion, that if you want children to learn at a very young age, you must hand the information through a fun way. By using the iPhone and iPads design patterns and touch mechanism, we were able to implement a fun and most importantly, easy way for even the youngest of children to navigate and use the app.

How does it work? It's simple! The design is created to be very easy on the eyes, and the objects you can interact with "stand out", enabling children at a young age to naturally place their finger on it. When an animal is pushed, a professional reader reads out information about the animal. If the animal is pushed again, the sound of the animal is played.

Zoo Kids features:
- 15 different animals
- Information about each animal
- Real-life recorded sounds for each animal
- Easy on the eyes graphics
- Children-themed art & design pattern
- much more!

We would love to hear from you at jbj-development@live.dk.

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