Restore the reef in Zoox! Build dwellings and add fish to earn experience and level up! More fish means more divers to collect valuable coins from, and you can use those coins to purchase beautiful decor for your own underwater utopia. The reef is counting on you!

Zoox is a fresh, new take on casual games. The game lets you become a part of the reef, building it from the ground up into something you can really be proud of. Take a close-up look with different camera modes that bring you into the reef itself, and customize the look and feel of every aspect of your creation. Aside from all that, you can also visit friends reefs and see how they built their own aquatic paradise.

The game features:
★ Bring in new fish by placing a variety of beautiful dwellings.
★ Help your old friend Manny with special quests that give big rewards.
★ Put on your scuba gear and get into the water yourself with 3 different camera modes.
★ Place decorative items to earn special ECO points and unlock new areas.
★ Collect valuable coins from the divers visiting your underwater utopia.

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