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Cute & Useful Images Animals, fish, insects, dinosaur, appliances, furniture, cars, planes, fruits, trees, flowers, vegetables, famous characters, job, sports and so much more Over 300 images! This App is for everyone having children or who want to learn English With Drawing

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1. Are you boring with Apps having only painting or brushing then This app Can be your answers.
This has both functions (Brush & Paint). That offers you an opportunity to make unique images See the images below as examples that i draw with my app. If you are not good at art, paint, drawing and so on, Don't worry about it. You Can do everything you want.

2. You can hear English pronunciations with images. As you know, it's the best way to learn English quickly. I guarantee you

3. You can save the images you drew in your phone, So you can print it anytime, anywhere you can

4. you can use so many colors with this app, and extract the color you used to use it again by pipette tool
It's very easy.

5. This app has interesting Background Music to catch your ears. If you think it's annoying then you can turn if off by touching Device menu key and do it.

** Current ** version 3.0 List of Figures
A : air balloon,air conditioner,airplane,ambulance,apple,alpineSkiing, archery, athletic
B : bamboo,banana,bat,bathtub,bear,beaver,
C : cable car,camera,camping car,car,carrot,cat,
cross country, curling, cycle,
D : daikon,dandelion,desk,desk lamp,dog,dolphin,
dragonfly,dresser,dressing table,duck,dimetrodon
E: eagle,eel,eggplant,electric fan,elephant,elasmosaurus,
euoplocephalus, equestrian
F : firefly,fire truck,flatfish,fly,flying fish,forklift,frypan,
fencing, fieldHockey, football, figure skating
G : garlic,gas stove,ginkgo,ginseng,giraffe,goat,
goldfish,grape,grasshopper, gymnastics
H : hair dryer,helicopter,hen,hermit crab,hippopotamus,humidifier,handball
I : ice cream,ice hockey,igloo,indian,iron
J : jeep,jellyfish,jet,jet ski, judo
K : kangaroo,key,kite,kitty,knife,knight,kentrosaurus
L : ladybug,lama,larva,lemon,leopard,lion,luge
M : mantis,microwave,milkcow,mixer,molecricket,monkey,
mosquito,moth,motorboat,motorcycle,mountain goat,mouse,
mugunghwa,mushroom,microraptor,mario,mickey mouse
N : needle,nest,ninja,nose,
O : octopus,onion,owl
P : palm tree,panda,patrol car,peacock,peanut,penguin,
Q : queen,question mark
R : rabbit,raccoon,radio,refrigerator,reindeer,rhinoceros,
ribbon,rice pot,robot,rocking chair,rooster,rose, rowing
S : scarab,scooter,scorpion,seahorse,seal,sewing machine,
stegosaurus,stygimoloch,suchomimus, shooting,
short track,skeleton,ski jumping, snowboard, speed skating, swimming
T : table,tangerine,tank,taxi,tear,television,
triceratops,truck mixer,tulip,turtle,tyrannosaur
therizinosaurus,triceratops,tyrannosaur,table tennis,
U : ufo,umbrella,unicorn,usa
V : vaccine,vacuum,vase,veterinarian,video camera,violin,
W : washbowl,watermelon,whale,wrecker, weight lifting, wrestling
X : x_xmas,xray,xylophone
Y :yacht,yard,yawn,yoghurt,yoyo
Z : zebra,zeus,zipper,zombie

Total of 301 kinds

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