Baby VS Maths



Baby VS Maths is a casual puzzle educational game,to help children play games at the same time also can learn,let parents worry that their children will no longer indulge because of playing a game,It can help children earlier familiar with mathematics,improve children's logical thinking ability,improve children's sensitivity figures,improve children's enthusiasm for learning degree.

Game feature:
-Light music;
-Beautiful picture;
-Cute game characters;
-Rich life little knowledge;
-Many kinds of topics;
-Choose game mode.

Game rules:
Choose to enter your favorite game mode,you will see four lovely game
characters,select favorite character to start the game.Every time you
answer a question,the character will forward one frame,but the answer
wrong and then will Backspace, you will get some props to help you quickly
advance,to win the game.And in the game you can learn many life tips,let
you in life better pay attention to the dribs and drabs around, learn to
better care of yourself.
Parents worry about children addicted to the game and waste learning?Hurry
to download the game right now!Let your kids in the game but also can learn a lot of knowledge.

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