balloon - flying Loona 4 kids



Loona the red balloon, wants to fly higher and higher!

Loona, the Red Balloon is a game designed with a young audience in mind. Kids as young as 4 years have a tremendous amount of fun playing with Loona, while at the same time, the game supports the development of coordinative abilities, as well as the reaction capabilities of the youngsters. But watch out, also grown up kids have been known to fall under Loonas Spell!

• Collect Bubbles on your Path, they give you air to breathe
• Watch out for clouds!
• Rain and Thunder take away air you need to breath
• See how much air you have left on the bar at the bottom of the screen
• Keep an eye on the wind
• Watch out for Birds - Danger!!!

Now the journey can start! Enjoy your adventure with Loona - the Red ballon!

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