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    Great game and activities for children (3 - 6 years old) that will make them learn and have fun, always guided by our sweet Caillou and his friends, Cleo, Clementine, Sarah and Gilbert.

    - Numbers & Shapes (Maths): Counting, Matching amounts, Reading numbers, Understanding shape and size, Building shape patterns, Memory development.

    - Listening & Reading (Language): The Alphabet, Phonics & Simple Spelling, Making Words, Handwriting, Reading Simple Words, Building Vocabulary.

    - Nature and Objects (The world around): The four seasons, Animals, Plants, Materials, Human body, Living Things, Nature, Sorting objects

    - Time and Sequences: Calendars, Ordering Events, Comparing Past & Present, Clocks, Time, Months, Days of the Week.

    - Direction and Space: The Concept of Space, Direction, Symmetries, Position, Movement

    - 15 Caillou Puzzles
    - Caillou Memory games
    - A Caillou catalogue of stickers
    - A paintbox

    - Games as the guiding thread for learning and reinforcement
    - An immediate answer about the completion of the exercise
    - Motivation through an efficient awards system (stickers notebook)
    - Kids take part in their own learning process

    - English
    - Spanish
    - Catalan

    The FREE download includes a part of the application, “Numbers and Shapes.” If you want to use the rest of apps, you will have to buy them.

    NOTICE: Downloading this app is free and gives access to a selection of each of the contents. It contains an in-app purchases option.

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    Twitter: @taptaptales

    2013 COOKIE JAR ENTERTAINMENTChouette Publishing.

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    gghhh hhjg

    by gghhh hhjg

    Mar 13, 2017  |  "Poor"

    It is very bad because you have to keep on opening and closing and opening up to do exercise

    Pug V.S. Ender

    by Pug V.S. Ender

    Feb 23, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Think of the little fish would have died by now what do you think I do maybe you should get a better games hopefully you'll get a better game I also think that Caillou should have been the main star that stupid little bubbles could I think a little Fisher tonight and please give me money because I need some food for my cafeteria food all I had for food today was a chicken fajita and some rice and some carrots and some of that help Orion please give me money I really need some 3D glasses I'm getting a case for my phone finally it's a charger case like him too has I totally still as idea I also got a little paper clip when I was younger it was really nice cuz it help me it was my only friend that I was younger and then Brad came on and I was like no I don't want to be friends with this guy and then I was like oh gosh no, then I was like okay thanks I'm trusting came and he's new so I was like wow look at his hair and then and then I was like okay and then never had a dream and then I ate some rice some rice that I got yesterday for lunch I don't know what I had but I think tomorrow tomorrow I don't have lunch at school because tomorrow's conference days it is due February 23rd 2017 here's my blog for the day please comment and subscribe I must get this started okay so we're at how are you doing today good okay Camden how are you. How are you Connor Splendid how are stressed and good hair okay I'm going to go eat some chicken fried rice and then eat some orange chicken fajitas cooked chicken fridge you those are my favorite food in the summer only in the summer than in the winter I like lemonade good for you to drink so she's every day only when I go to the truck is only open in the winter and I look like 2 blocks on the street I think and then when I went home I get on my couch and watch Dance Moms for like 3 hours probably today and I just watched Dance Moms until I fall asleep and then I get up in the morning go to school eat some rice go home again to watch Dance Moms and go to sleep that's my daily routine sometimes I give good reviews like this one this ones are pretty good review and give him a lot worse like that one other Caillou game with picking the apples like what the heck man I couldn't even touch the apples my game is broken this game is so glitchy hashtag loser hashtag blessed hashtag good hair hashtag Camden so as it as you can see in conclusion I I really love this game bubbles by oh by the way I also saw that can the controls on the long run if Mom or should have been better I wanted to mow the lawn and also that you should get the closer touch a thing because my touch when I touched it it would like bloated for a long time as I was loading and then it stopped so like deja vu and my right and then I was like cold and get your hair together and I was like oh wait I'm so then I saw Nolan's and I was like what are you doing and then Luke and Ben are in the corner of what they doing each other University of College British Columbia so maybe you could get a little piece of bread what are you doing here right now I'm FaceTiming you just kidding I would never FaceTime you and like I'm bloated piece of deja vu or no can't mess with the crew 21 karat a 24 Karat magic in the air hello darkness my I've come to speak to Connor again Connor Schmidt that is he's right behind Connor just kidding don't look there that is my no no square movies off I was like totally andolana when she was taking the photo shoot I was too much and when she changed in the towels I was like I don't want to be that girl and then I was like hey who's that it's your mom she's dancing over there with somebody, okay so you guys if you want if you want more I'm leaving subscribe I would really appreciate it and if you could turn on the notification need to change and I told me so added me on Snapchat it so I guess underscore baller 16 I think I don't really know just searching my name

    Ms. Proctor

    by Ms. Proctor

    Feb 15, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    My baby brother is improved

    Becky Linkous

    by Becky Linkous

    Feb 07, 2017  |  "Poor"

    I bought the while game for my son, it never unlocked the entire game now can't get a refund. Terrible app.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Feb 03, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Good for young kids.

    Felipe Cañadas Fernández

    by Felipe Cañadas Fernández

    Jan 30, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    tengo 12 edad pero me gusta