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Here is our take on improving IQ of everyone who loves to learn new things every day. We developed a Crorepati game to simulate the GK learning process in a more fun way, an intuitive & interesting game. With this game, one will be propelled to keep answering more GK questions, along the line, learning & improving their IQ without even realizing it.


We have carefully selected more than 10,000 GK questions, that cover various topics such as Current Affairs (World & India), History, Cinema, Arts, Sports etc.

These are frequently asked & answered questions all over the world to enhance your general knowledge.


We gamified the learning process in our classic Crorepati game style, so one will be made interested to answer more GK questions, so score more, and learn more without realizing it along the way.


To make the game more interesting, we have given 3 lifeline options, 50-50, Phone A Friend and Audience Poll. With 50-50, two options will be removed, so you will end up choosing one of two options.

Phone A Friend, you have famous personalities lined up to help you with. Audience Poll will give you statistics of what options have been chosen most.


The score you made, can be posted online via Google Play Game Services, so you will be listed worldwide on the leaderboard of Crorepatis. You also have game achievements to unlock various levels.


Each question is allowed for 1-minute interval before it gets over. You have a running timer that will make your heart race to answer the questions. It is just like sitting in a hot seat of crorepati game.


Scoreboard, Winning Statistics, Answers Highlighting, No repetitive questions and much more.

What are you waiting for, go and download the game and improve your General Knowledge & IQ level in a fun way.

Please do rate the app and leave your feedback about this. We would be happy to improve upon the app and include more and more GK questions.

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