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    Published: 2013-04-03, by Peter Warrior.

    Learn Japanese and save your girl at once

    • Interesting arcade and learning mix
    • Use of gestures both in game and in kanji drawing
    • Great overall design
    • It may be too simple


    Many developers are already aware that there are umpteen ways to mix learning and gaming, and how powerful a game can be to teach some concepts. Osom, a newborn start-up, has taken a great challenge and developed a game in which you have to beat enemies in a usual button-masher sidescroller but also draw and learn Japanese kanji in order to win.

    The side-scrolling part of the game, though beautifully presented both by cutscenes and overall design, is quite simple: your ever-running samurai must save his girl from the claws of an oni-demon and defeats incoming enemies by tapping on them. More powerful enemies require more taps, and you can spend life points to cast spells, aka power-ups. As your life bar and your mana bar are the same, it adds a little element of strategy here. These magics are performed through gestures on screen. By the way, deers and chicks will penalize you when killed, so look where you tap first.

    The most interesting part comes when you are asked to draw a kanji and learn its meaning. In case you didn't know, kanji must be drawn in a particular order and direction, and the rating you will get depends on how much help you needed. It might not be useful for learning Japanese from scratch, but it can be the perfect complement for a beginner in such a complex language. Graphics can be chosen HD or non-HD, just to be sure this game runs on nearly any known device.

    Game supports eight languages and Japanese, and it's been developed by Osom games, a young and promising start-up. Give it a go, if out of mere curiosity.

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