Kids Learn to Read (Lite)


Kids Learn to Read (Lite)'s review


A fun app for children to learn how to read in English

  • Ideal for children who are starting to read
  • Interactive and fun
  • Limited features unless you upgrade to pro

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"Read and play at the same time"


Modern families are in luck. Nowadays there are apps of all shapes and sizes. There are some great options for entertaining the kids, but also for making sure that they learn. Many apps go for the entertainment side of things, but there are some excellent teaching tools as well that can help us shape the abilities of our children. Kids Learn to Read is one of those apps. It's dedicated to helping kids learn to read their first sentences in English.


The game has a nice feel to it and may be useful for those little ones that are at the age of reading their first words. There are various challenges and levels through which the child must progress by spelling out and reading words with varying levels of difficulty. At the end of each game, the player will receive a prize with which they can make puzzles. There are various mini games along the way that will help to hold the child's attention and have fun while learning.


The version we downloaded from Google Play was a trial version, and so if you want access to features without limits, you'll have to pay for the pro version.

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by Cecília

Jul 15, 2015

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