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An instructive and unique quiz game for children and adults of all ages. The only limit is your imagination, as you can quickly and easily create your own new quiz categories on any language and with sound clips. The included categories have different difficulty levels to challenge children at most ages. The game is particularly suited to small children and was originally developed for my two year old daughter so that she could learn different sounds and names. For instance you can create your own category with pictures of all family members and audio recordings of their names, and thus teach the child to remember them.

The included quiz categories in English and Danish are (ascending difficulty level):
Animal sounds
Body parts
Everyday objects
Animal names
Count fruit
Musical instruments
Numbers 1-10
The alphabet
Addition up to 10
Initial letters
Substraction up to 10
Multiplication up to 20
Learn the clock
Division up 10
Addition up to 100
Substraction up to 100
Multiplication, 10 by 10
Multiplication, 20 by 20
Division up to 100

Generally, the game can be used for all types of multiple-choice quizzes, where the question is in the form of a text or an audio recording, and the answer can be displayed as an image. You can insert a picture by taking a new picture or selecting an existing one from the memory card (SD-card). The audio clip can be recorded using the device microphone, by using Text-To-Speech, or you can select an existing audio clip from the memory card. When you create a new category it will become a folder with the category name on the memory card. You can back up a category by copying the folder from the memory card.

If you created a new category and you want to share it with the rest of the world, you can contact me and I will make it possible for others to download the category. You should be aware that when creating a new category for others to use, the category must not contain copyright protected material.

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