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Free (ad supported) limited functionality version of Math Mania Multiplication Pro. If you like it and want more game modes, features and NO ADS, then purchase "Math Mania Pro" and here is what you will get;

Description of the Pro (paid version) below:

Math Mania Multiplication Pro is both a Kid and Adult friendly math game. Keep your brain active and on edge with this simple, yet HD math game. The math problems come up and you have to answer them, sounds simple...Right?

*This Pro version includes (3) game modes and an option to toggle on a cheat mode.

1. Choose from (5) difficulty levels
2. Play multiple game modes.
4. Keep track of your scores/progress through the app
5. Option to enable "Cheat Mode" which will modify the
text of the correct answer to be italicized and have a
light red shadow.
6. The multiplication problems are generated randomly so
no two games are alike.

Game Modes:
1. Free Play: (Take your time and get through the
multiplication math problems)
2. 60second Challenge: (How many multiplication problems
can you get correct in 60 seconds?)
3. Advancer: (This mode starts off at a fairly low
difficulty setting, increasing in difficulty
on each multiplication math problem.

1. Configure options in the options menu.
2. Select a game mode.
3. Press "Start Game" to begin.
4. To view previous scores press "High Scores".
5. Having trouble in game? Press the "Menu" key on your
device for more options.

Cheat Mode Explained:
To enable cheat mode you must first go into the options screen and mark Cheats to "ON" status. By default Cheat Mode is off. To toggle cheat mode on during a game just press the "Menu" button on your device and touch on "Toggle Cheats" *WARNING - Enabling Cheats during a game will prevent your score from that game being recorded.

*This is a try before you buy, a free (Ad supported) version, with limited functionality.

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