Maths Twister



Maths Twister - Maths with a twist or two.

"highly educational" "fun" "cool" - some of the terms used to describe the game by Dan Galpin and Ian Ni-Lewis in Android Developers - The Friday Games Review on 12-Oct-12.

How to play?
1. Select the game and level you want to play.
2. Stop the bars from hitting the bottom by clicking the button with the right answer. Beware! incorrect answer or a crashed bar results in points being deducted. Every 5th bar is a magic bar which travels faster but clears the screen when answered correctly.
3. 10 correct answers in a row activate special powerups called Twists which make it easy to score points and stay active for 5 questions if answered correctly.
4. 20 correct answers in a row give you an extra life or an extra minute depending upon the mode selected.
5. Enjoy

The game has different playing levels:
Easy - 2 digit addition, 2 digit subtraction, 3 digit addition, 3 digit subtraction
Normal - 2 digit multiplication, 2 digit division, Ratio, Percentage in addition to Easy
Hard - Squares, Cubes, Square Root, Fractions in addition to Normal
Extra - Addition Series, Multiplication Series, Find the Question, Bigger or Smaller

Points allocated are:
Easy : 4 for correct answer, -2 for incorrect answer / crash
Normal : 8 for correct answer, -4 for incorrect answer / crash
Hard : 12 for correct answer, -6 for incorrect answer / crash
Extra : 16 for correct answer, -8 for incorrect answer / crash

Have fun playing the game!!!

In case of any issues please contact us directly by e-mail.

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