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Share the candy and aim correctly

  • Great graphics
  • For a few minutes can be fun
  • Boring gameplay, gets repetitive

"I want candy"

Candy Toss presents a small candy store which is so full that you need to toss the candies directly to the customers' mouth. Swipe to toss the candy into people's mouth and fill the level bar by hit so you can pass to the next level. If you hit the bird, you'll get bonus time and take into account that children and bear multiply the value of candy and that tossing candy into the box gets you more points.

The problem with the game, besides your hand getting tired is that there's not much to do and you'll soon get bored of tossing candy. It doesn't matter if more people keep appearing or you get extra time, the main action remains the same and it doesn't have anything special. It's a pity because the graphics are really great.

CanadaDroid is the developer of Candy Toss, a game that could be much better if more game modes or actions were added. Right now, it just has pretty graphics and it can be fun only for a short while.

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