Perfect Pitch For Bass Fast!

Perfect Pitch For Bass Fast!

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※※ This app tests your perfect pitch
(absolute pitch) abilities for bass.
※ It will help you to have perfect pitch
through playing the game.
※ You can see where you stand
in the world ranking. ※

• If you have confidence in your
perfect pitch for bass, try this game.
• You can train your ear through the game
and be the best singer at karaoke.
• Unlike other, similar apps, even beginners
can easily play it.
• It will help you to have perfect pitch
through playing the game.
• Use the app as warm up exercises before
playing the guitar.
• You can practice transcribing music by ear.
• You can't learn perfect pitch
in a short period of time,
so makes sure to practice it regularly
in order to progress.
• In Play mode you can play
the keyboard freely.
• Testing your perfect pitch is easy
so compare the result with your friends.
• This is a free app. Try it now for free!
• You fell like lyric.
• You fell like high speed.

※※※ How to Play ※※※
1. First, hear the notes.
2. Try to tap on the bass frets in the same order that you think they are.
3. If your answer is correct, you go to
the next stage.
4. If your answer is wrong, tap to guess
the notes again.
5. Your score is the sum of the time that
you spent on 10 games.
6. Answer as quickly as possible
and compete against other players.

※※※ Other usage of the app ※※※
• It is an ideal measurement tool also guitarist.
• Let Kokumo beat music game, sound game.
• The waiting time such as a restaurant.
• I will be available to the training of the pitch.
• I can use to check the pitch.
• The pitch of check frequency before.
• Let's practice before having a microphone.
• Let's make sure always to check the pitch.
• Let's check of absolute pitch of the key.
• I can easily practice keyboard.
• You can use before you even play the guitar.
• Please use to practice before the code.
• Please use to improve the ability of sound in general.
• the improvement of the social game of music system.
• good score When you go to make out,
The recorded a video, youtube (YouTube)
And to upload to also it would be fun.
• university, high school, middle school, elementary school in a high score
Let's become a popular person and proud to everyone.
• such as traveling, when practice of musical instruments is difficult.
• an introduction to those who make a musical instrument for the first time
Please use.
• good for pre-training test of music
It is a reputation.
• I enjoy Even if you're not read sheet music.
• By continuing, Grammy Awards does not have a dream.
• I was told it was also fun person from entertainer.
• Twitter (Twitter),
Facebook (Facebook),
Line (Line)
Let's share to send the score, etc..
• Even in the training of listening than the semitone and monophonic
· There is a simple easy mode without the black keys,
By testing and weaknesses and advanced users and beginners Intermediate
It is possible to training.
· Transposition of various class is because it is engraved
Improved ability by testing the weakness of the scale in the free time
• The from those who became adults recently,
The guitar is to practice pitch in "after a long time
In addition, we would be playing. I'm happy with "
We received the notice.
• Do not listen at music download,
Rather than listen at all-you-can-listen to music
You gonna to acquire absolute pitch.
· It is a staple of the game of guitar tab.
· Absolute pitch is required to master the guitar chords.
· Let's wearing pitch absolute when you enjoy the ringtones of the guitar.
- I might be able to also tuning of the guitar.
· I can use a simple scoring even karaoke.
· Let attended Bambang to karaoke.

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