Piano Master


Piano Master's review


Learn and play the piano on the go

  • Great for tablets
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Smooth performance
  • Difficult keys
  • Full version for real fun
  • No good for pros

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Piano Master brings all of the enjoyment of the piano to your mobile device. With 15 pre-loaded songs, you'll find yourself strumming the keys in no time. Although this app is better played on a tablet, the design is more than adequate.


This is the perfect kind of an app for tablet use, as it is much easier to hit the right keys that way. The audio quality is really good, with realistic sounds and sharp tones. It's great for beginners. Load up times were quick and the app performed quite smoothly.


It's not too hard to hit the wrong key, or two keys at once, no matter how skinny your fingers are. To really have some fun you'll need to buy the full version. Not that useful for pros.

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by William

Oct 05, 2015

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