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    Published: 2014-11-18, by .

    Realistic guitar sim complete with all the chords

    • Excellent sound recorded from real guitar
    • Huge database of chords and tabs
    • Nylon or steel strings
    • None

    "Just please promise me you won't use it to learn Wonderwall"


    Real Guitar is - spoiler - NOT a real guitar. But it is a real guitar APP, complete with strings (nylon or steel) filling up your screen so that you can practice chords to your heart's content. Tricky to be able to play actual songs on it, but let's be real, you're not going to convince anyone home from your hippie party by picking out Wonderwall on your phone. The sound quality is high, and the database of chords and tabs is useful if you're trying to learn technique.


    High sound quality and a choice of strings.


    None, other than the obvious limitations that come with it being a guitar on a screen.

    Original review from Nov 18, 2014:

    Real Guitar simulates the real instrument and helps you to learn chords. The sounds have been recorded from an actual live acoustic guitar. Tons of chords are in the database with their tabs, plus there's a songbook to help you get started. Choose from either nylon or steel strings.

    It's easy to start to use and difficult to get it to sound great - just like a real guitar, hey presto! Worth using as a technical study tool at the very least if you're interested in learning to play the guitar.

    Original score: 7.4/10

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