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Another app for practicing your favorite chords without needing a guitar

  • Good sound
  • Responsive strings
  • Music fans will love it
  • Includes ads (but they're not too annoying)

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"Play the guitar on the screen of your mobile"


You don't need to lug a guitar around to be able to learn how to play it or show off your favorite chords. Real Guitar is an app that simulates a guitar neck and lets you choose between three modes: acoustic, electric, or distorted, and indicate whether you want to play chords or single notes. It produces a good sound quality and has the potential of providing hours of entertainment.


Don't have a guitar but want to learn how to play? This is the perfect app for you. It will let you put theory into practice and compose new melodies. The app has the ability to recognize multiple screen touches at the same time in order to respond to the playing of multiple notes at once. In any case, you can switch to chord mode in order to strum away at the screen and play your favorite tunes using the screen of your mobile. It produces decent sound and responds well to the touches of the user.


The app comes with ads, but the truth is they don't get in the way too much when it comes to interacting with the screen.

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by Cecília

Jul 16, 2015

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