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Make up a expression to equal 10!

This is not a simple question answering the result of a expression.
You need to answer how to complete a expression by turning numbers or operations to a brank box.

This Arithmetic Puzzle game gives your brain needed exercise.
This is for your braing exercising, or for you or your child learning arithmetic.
If you want to teach math to a child who hates it, this game is the best one.
You can play this at any time one has some spare time.

Instead of arithmetic homework, you can train your brain with having fun.

--- How to play ---
You will see a expression with some brank boxes.
And the expression's answer is always 10.
So you choose numbers or operations above the expression. And then drag and drop it into the brank box.
Completed the expression, press the "=" button.

A lot of questions are on the test from early elementary grades level to a bracket expression.

By Dissolving 10 questions each difficulty stage, you can play next stage.

--- Test of 30 questions (Exam 30) ---
You can get the score by dissolving the 30 questions exam.

[Math game, Math drill, Brain exercise, mental calculation]

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